30 years
of expereience

Company [Certified]

In over thirty years of activity, MIR has accumulated considerable experience in the field of technical assistance services

Following the full customer satisfaction, the company MIR SRL DI CAIELLO GIAMPIERO offers a high quality service, an efficient organization and the strength of a technically prepared and competent group. The trust of thousands of customers is today an extraordinary motivation to seek innovative solutions aimed at satisfying ever new needs.

Seriousness and professionalism

The experience and reliability of MIR SRL by CAIELLO GIAMPIERO are at the service of our customers every day. Thanks to an extremely dynamic structure and continuous updating, we are able to offer you the right solution for your needs.


Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of M.I.R. s.r.l. is appropriate to the purposes of the organization, the company is constantly committed to the satisfaction of implicit, explicit and binding requirements and to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system.
All the employees of the M.I.R. s.r.l. are informed about this commitment, as this policy is communicated and accessible to all of them, in fact it is displayed in the company offices and periodically, during the Management review phase, it has discussed.
The Quality Policy of M.I.R. s.r.l. provides a plan to define and review the objectives for quality and corporate objectives (Management Review), it is reviewed to verify and esatblish the continuing suitability of the corporate system.

M.I.R. s.r.l. through continuous improvement wants to offer a quality service respecting the needs and expectations of the customer through reliability, safety, timeliness, flexibility and punctuality, obtaining better results both from an economic point of view.

The company management believes that the tool to consolidate the results obtained and improve its "quality" objectives is the implementation of a company Quality System (QMS) compliant with the ISO 9001 series regulations. The company has undertaken a company certification path since 1998 and still continues; therefore the update to the new 2015 edition is the natural continuation of its activities.
The management therefore undertakes to guide and control the implementation of the QMS by promoting and supporting the spread of this culture at all levels, the M.I.R. systematically verifies that the Quality Policy is supported by the Department Managers and formally implemented.

M.I.R. s.r.l. therefore proposes to continue along the path of quality improvement, placing itself with a view to expanding its range of services, in order to respond to the growing demands of customers.

In relation to its reference context and to the parties interested in the activities and provided products / services , the Management undertakes to:

For this purpose, the involvement of interested parties is considered central through:

The Management ensures that this policy is documented, made operational, kept active, periodically reviewed, disseminated to all staff and all interested parties, as well as made available to the public.

10 November 2017
The direction


POR FESR 2014-2020 Asse III Azione 3.3.1 Avviso Pubblico Voucher 2020 Progetto d'internazionalizzazione “Realizzazione del sito web multilingue" per la promozione aziendale

POR FESR 2014-2020 Asse III Azione 3.3.1 Pubblic Call Voucher 2020 Internationalization Project "Creation of mutilingual website" for the business promotion